Published on 04/06/2017 1:21 pm
How to Obtain Cypriot Citizenship - FAQs

Europe happens to be one of the most appealing destinations for entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and families from emerging nations. Cyprus government has commenced a variety of beneficial programs designed to appeal overseas investment in the country. Below listed are some FAQs regarding obtaining Cypriot citizenship.

How can one apply for Cypriot citizenship via investment in Cyprus Government bonds?

 With a purchase of bonds, bills and securities of Cypriot companies that have proven physical presence and substantial economic activity in the Republic of Cyprus which should be issued only with the approval of the CySec.

Can I obtain Cypriot citizenship via a residency permit?

 Holders of permanent residency can be eligible for obtaining the citizenship after legally living in the nation for seven successive years. Following this phase of time, it is feasible to apply for Cypriot citizenship via naturalization.

Cypriot Citizenship

How much time it requires to process a citizenship application?

 Usually, citizenship applications via investment program are processed within 3 month period.

Am I required to reside in Cyprus before or after residency has been approved?

 No, there is no residency need either before or after filling for Cypriot citizenship. This is the most important advantage of the citizenship program, particularly when compare to other European Union nations residency programs.

Does Cyprus accept dual citizenship?

 Yes, and this is another major advantage of Cypriot citizenship program.

When do I get my Cyprus passport after successful application?

 Successful appliers obtain their Cypriot passport on the same day when the naturalization certification is approved. The appliers have to provide a sworn declaration accepting Citizenship and pay necessary governmental fees.

Is there any expiry date for Cypriot residency by investment program?

 Currently, there is no expiry date for Cypriot residency via investment program.

Can residential property be rented or sold out after residency has been approved?

 Since Cyprus does not need successful appliers to live in the nation, privately owned property can be rented out.

Obtain Cypriot Citizenship

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