Published on 06/07/2017 10:22 am
Permanent Residence in Cyprus- Know the Benefits of Buying a Property

Do you know Cyprus is considered to be a privileged place to buy a property? After being a member of the EU (since 2004) and Eurozone (since 2008), Cyprus government has established a new program for obtaining  Cypriot citizenship through investment in the real estate for the foreign nationals who are non-European residents. Offered benefits of this new program has attracted many foreign nationals to invest in the real estate market. Cyprus is the country where the sun shines nine months of the year. Perfect combination of beneficial market conditions and soft climate are attracting foreign nationals from all over the world to buy a value for money property and as a benefit of it to obtain Cyprus permanent residence.

It is true that to obtain a permanent residence permit in Cyprus, you should purchase a property!So, here it is some  great benefits which coming along with investing in Cyprus real estate.

1. Wonderful Holiday Resort:

We all know that Cyprus is a wonderful holiday resort, which is flocked by many tourists all around the year. The superb beaches, ideal climate and hospitable locals are considered as the icing on the cake. Can you imagine the privilege of having your own house over here? By purchasing a Cyprus property, you not only getting  your second home or vacation home on the paradise but also you can  have utmost fun and enjoy life in full as permanent resident.

2. Perfect Place to have a Dream Home:

Cyprus boasts of having many ideal locations and friendly neighborhoods, where a foreign national can easily adjust to spend some great and fun filled days. Here you will find the combination of a high standard of living with a minimum expenditure, which proves to be good for people who want to buy a property in order to move-in with family. Low crime rate makes Cyprus as one of the safest places in the world to live. It is doesn’t matter in which city of the island you will purchase your ideal home Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca or Nicosia  but what is matters that you  still have opportunity to proceed  with obtaining of a permanent residence permit.

3. Modern Health Care Facilities:

No doubt, for every human being healthy is wealth!  Cyprus is  offering wide variety of health care facilities, starting from from modern public hospitals to high standard privet hospitals, clinics and laboratories with well trained personnel and up to dated equipment. Over here the private medical insurance is quite reasonable and the doctor’s fees are much lower than any other European countries.

4. Transportation and Technology: 

The international airports, easily accessible port facilities and up to date road networks ensures of a good and reliable transportation system in Cyprus. Here you will also find advanced technology and telecommunication that is backed by land lines, Internet connections, mobile network, radio stations, private TV stations and more.

5. Rent it Out:

You can make the most out of buying a property in Cyprus by renting it. As a holiday resort, Cyprus is always known for its holiday homes and vacation rentals, which makes rental properties quite demanded.By investing in Cyprus real estate, defiantly, will give you some  reasonable opportunities like, you can apply for granting Cyprus residence permit  and at the same time, to  make good money return from letting a property. If you want to make the right purchase, then be sure, that Chris Michael Property Group will provide you with assistance to get a permanent residence in Cyprus. Our experienced real estate agents will advise you in choosing the right type of  the property  that meets your requirements and budget.

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